Augustus W. Abel


A.W. has had a Financial Planning practice since 1999. He started with Lutheran Brotherhood in 1999 and has developed many relationships and helped many families since then. He changed his practice to an Independent practice in 2009 to more fully be able to serve his clients with Advisory Investment Options and the best products available by not being tied to one company.

A.W. is a Fiduciary in all aspects of his work with his clients.  His recommendations are based on the best interests of his clients.

Prior to becoming a Financial Planner, A.W. was a very successful General Manager and Regional Manager of a retail chain for 20 years.

A.W. is remarried following the death of his wife (Sandy) of 27 years.  He and his wife Sandy were blessed to have a son, Austin, who has completed an Engineering Degree at the University of Dayton in 2021.  Sandy passed away in February 2021 and A.W.  has remarried in  October 2022 to Nancy Abel (Bower).  A.W. spends his free time with family & friends as well as bowling, scuba diving, motorcycle riding, and the occasional round of golf.

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